Catwalk Clawz

Catwalk Clawz

$10.02 $11.75

Go CONFIDENTLY! Never Slip Slide or Stumble in Fashion Shoes AGAIN!!

The #1 Premium Brand of Anti-Slip Pads for Soles of Shoes on the Market. 👠

Catwalk Clawz are the ONLY shoe pad made with "fingers" that grab floor surfaces, instead of scrape against, scratch or mark them. Clawz make walking in fashion shoes safe & effortless!

CLAW-LIKE STABILITY: Made in USA, High Grade Non Slip Material (Black).
MADE FOR KITTIES: Smaller to Fit on Women's Shoes.
CAT-LIKE WALK: Soft & Durable. Flexes with Foot to Make Walking Effortless.
KEEP YOUR CLAWZ ON YOUR CASH: Protects Sole from Early Wear and Tear.
GRAB ONE SET (includes):
2 Main Pads: 3-1/4" L x 2-1/8" W x 1/16" Thick,
2 Bonus Minis: Fits Block Heels.
EASILY APPLY: Self-Adhesive to Stick on Bottom of Shoes. Apply in 3 Easy Steps 👇 Watch Video Below 👇