So you're wondering how this little grip pad for slippery fashion shoes called Catwalk Clawz was created, are you? Well it all started out of a need to make fabulous looking shoes easier and safer to walk in.

Hi! I'm Miss Anne, lead kitty here at Catwalk Clawz and when I was in my longtime career in sales, I needed to look good and feel super confident.

I really loved wearing all those fabulous fashionable shoes! In fact, I would go out and find the shoe first to build my outfit around. You know what I'm talking about, don't you?

Unfortunately, too much of the time I found these shoes unstable, slippery and put quite simply just not easy to walk in at all! Especially if I wanted to walk like I owned it. And because I didn't always feel safe walking in those darling shoes, it seemed like I was coming off unsure of myself and not confident. Not good for me at all!

So I found myself searching for shoes that had some kind of traction without sacrificing style. Sadly, these types of shoes were nowhere to be found. The ones I did find were too clunky or chunky and definitely not chic enough, especially for my work attire.

BUT one day I found a truly phenomenal material that had a super firm grip and thought it would add the stability I needed to those dangerous shoes.

The results were incredible! Not only did the anti-slip material keep the shoes from sliding, it also made them way easier to walk in.

Now I could rock those amazing shoes with CONFIDENCE AND POISE!

The non slip material worked so well, I put it on ALL of my shoes. Even my flat boots that were super slippery in snow and ice. YES, that's RIGHT! The bonus is Catwalk Clawz even work on ice and snow!

That's when I decided it was worth sharing with other women that walked in my shoes. ALL WOMEN should have the ability to feel the power of walking like she owns it in her favorite stylish shoes!

Here at Catwalk Clawz the entire team is dedicated to providing YOU with a world-class product that offers you the ability to walk into any situation with ultimate poise!

We believe beauty comes from the inside - so if you feel good, you look good!

That's why we make it our mission to help you

Take Control of Your Sole! 👠

A More Beautiful Woman 😍 = A More Beautiful World 🌎