ComMANder Clawz

$14.95 $17.65


Confidence is Style and few things say as much about man’s style as his fine footwear.

That same fine footwear typically has leather soles that can often be challenging on slippery, high-polished floors or even on ice and snow.

Our ComMANder Clawz traction pads are the game-changer for your high-end footwear, even your bespoke best.

To Command the Room, you first must Take Control of Your Sole!

       LARGER SIZE - ComMANder Clawz are 4-⅛”L x 2-⅝”W to fit any Men’s shoe

  • MADE IN THE USA - we use only the very best traction material there is
  • UNNOTICEABLY THIN - the only thing you’ll notice is how well this “micro-finger” technology grabs on any surface you walk on
  • REDUCES WEAR & TEAR - our pads also acts as a sole protector, helping your favorite shoes last longer
  • FLEXIBLE - our pads are a soft material to flex with your foot so they won’t pop off
  • DAMPENS NOISE - this soft material also makes certain others won’t hear you coming
  • REPELS OILS & WATER - the only material of it’s kind made specifically to repel liquids that can cause slipping
  • PACKAGE INCLUDES - 2 main pads 
    • → (suggest women’s for heels of men’s shoes)
  • EASY TO APPLY - simply peel from the backing, place under ball of foot and press on from the middle outward