Catwalk Clawz

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Go CONFIDENTLY! Never Slip Slide or Stumble in Fashion Shoes AGAIN!!

The #1 Premium Brand of Anti-Slip Grippy Pads for Soles of Shoes on the Market. 👠

Catwalk Clawz are the ONLY shoe pad made with "fingers" that grab floor surfaces, instead of scrape against, scratch or mark them. Clawz make walking in fashion shoes safe, secure and effortless!

CLAW-LIKE STABILITY: Made in USA, Micro-Finger Technology Grip Material (Black).

MADE FOR KITTIES: Smaller to Fit on Women's Shoes.

CAT-LIKE WALK: Soft & Durable. Flexes with Foot to Make Walking Effortless and Quiet.

KEEP YOUR CLAWZ ON YOUR CASH: Protector of Shoes Sole from Early Wear and Tear.

AVOID EMBARRASSING MOMENTS: Patented Paw-Shape Design to Show Off When Sitting Cross-Legged

GRAB ONE SET: 2 Main Pads: 3-1/4" L x 2-1/8" W x 1/16" Thick, Fits on Bottom of Shoe under Ball of Foot.

2 "Bonus" Minis: Fits tiny surfaces like Block Heels.

PURR-FECT for: High Heels, Sandals, Boots and Booties.

EASY TO APPLY: Self-Adhesive to Stick on Bottom of Shoes. Apply in 3 Easy Steps 👇