You've seen it all before. Do these 5, 9, even 12 easy steps and you'll be walking like a pro in those high heels in NO time (yeah...with a lot of practice, practice, practice)!!

 How To Walk In Heels, Tip #1 - Buy the right size shoe.  How To Walk In Heels, Tip #2 - Walk heel to toe.How To Walk In Heels, Tip #3 - Step One Foot Directly in front of the other.

And so on....

Well, what if you don't have that kind of time?! You have a BIG EVENT, like a wedding or an interview, in a few days and you'd LOVE to pull off those amazingly impressive heels without all that effort!

NOT A WORRY! There's something you can do right away that will have you Owning Your Catwalk in no time. It's worked for thousands of others and it can work for you too.

Catwalk Clawz 5 star review - they do exactly what they say they do

Just how easy is it?! In 3 simple steps you'll be wishing you had known about this from the time you bought your very first pair of heels! Who knows, maybe you'd wear more of them and feel amazing all the time.

Happiness is a closet full of shoes you can finally wear!

Soooo, what's the secret already?!? Okay, Okay! I know you're dying to find out what this big secret is and I can't wait to reveal it so here goes...

Say hello to all you'll ever need to ROCK those fashion shoes!

Catwalk Clawz - THE anti slip fashion footwear accessory for the soles of your shoes

It's Catwalk Clawz - THE anti slip grip pad that sticks directly to the soles of your slippery fashion shoes. Once you apply these bad boys you won't feel unstable or unsure of yourself in heels anymore!

And what are the 3 easy steps?

Catwalk Clawz Step 1 - Peel Material away from linerCatwalk Clawz Step 2 - Position on sole under ball of footCatwalk Clawz Step 3 - press firmly from center out to edges

And Viola! Doesn't that look easy?

Now you're ready to grab the power from your sole and Own Your Catwalk!! SJP will have nothing on you 😉

So to get your pair of Catwalk Clawz today, just click here!




October 22, 2019 — Anne Anthony

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