Fashion Shoe Pads that add grip

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My shoes had absolutely no traction on the bottom and I was stunned. I decided to try these and WOW I've never felt a material like this before. It's incredible, but I will not be slipping with these on my shoes, ever!

- Nancy G


These are amazing! I have bought multiple pairs for all of my heels. In the past I avoided heels because I felt like I would always slip or fall over but I feel so much better with the CatWalk Clawz. Great for clumsy people like me!

- Carlie J

These are AMAZING! More than just grip tape or textured stickers they really make your shoes non-slip. I am beyond happy with my purchase. These pads made my shoes stable on hardwood floors, slick tile, and stairs. It's worth it to give them a chance.

- Jan T

These anti-slip protectors are just what I needed for my smooth-soled sandals. With the sole protectors, I am no longer concerned about slipping and falling on my marble floor.

- Mary P

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