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5 Powerful Halloween Outfits for the Powerful Woman You Are!

5 Powerful Halloween Outfits for the Powerful Woman You Are!

Hey there, Clawz Kitty! Still haven't figured out what you're wearing for Halloween?!? No worries.

We know it can be nerve-wracking trying to figure this out. You're a powerful and busy woman!

That's why we thought a good choice for you would be something that will show off just how powerful you really are!!

Here are 5 categories you can easily choose from:

1. Super Hero

Of course, there's the obvious Super Hero (or Heroine) with their special powers! Wonder Woman and yes, yes, yes Cat Woman 😸 are 2 great choices.

But some others to consider are Spider Woman, American Beauty, or The Black Widow.

Whatever you choose, you'll be sure to have fun with the power of these!

 2. Gangster

What's more dangerous than a gangster? A woman gangster!

The cool hat and tie aside, how about those cold eyes? They seem like they could look right through anyone, right?!?

Be careful with that much power though. You don't want it to go to your head!

3. Queen

Ooooo, the Dragon Queen is a great one for somewhere chilly! Don't you feel all nice and cozy thinking about being bundled up in a jacket like this and gloves on?

But if you want to go with something a little darker (that can still be warm), why not the age old Elvira, the Queen of Darkness herself?!

Either way, you're setting yourself up to feel the power of being warm for sure. 🤣

4. Witch

So crazy enough, witches actually did a lot of good! Ages ago they used to help with infertility, cure babies, and care for the sick. How about those powers?!?

But of course things changed and the whole idea of witches became dark and evil.

So whatever your mood, you could dress as a good witch or a bad one. No matter, you'll still be powerful!!

5. Pirate

A very famous woman pirate,Grace O'Malley, was so powerful that even the English naval fleet couldn't defeat her! Queen Elizabeth herself had to form an alliance with her.

Can you think of another character that would be more fiercely independent or ambitious??? Me either!

Remember one thing, though. All of these costumes and powerful ladies will require some fabulous boots!! 👢

And if you really want to feel powerful, make sure to take control of those boots and keep them from sliding out from under you at the worst time! You definitely don't want to walk into that Halloween party with all eyes on you and loose your footing!

So grab a pair of our Catwalk Clawz anti-slip shoe pads that stick easily and quickly to the soles of your shoes and remember...THE POWER IS IN YOUR SOLE!

Click here for fast two day delivery! There's still time but you'll have to act fast!!

Happy Halloweening!!


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